THEY. Take Us To the ‘Deep End’

It’s been feeling like a hot minute since the LA based duo – Dante and Drew aka THEY. – put a new one on us. But it’s barely been a month since their last drop ‘Say When’, and we’ve just been getting so damn impatient for this next one.

While some of us are quite literally wishing we were swimming in the ‘Deep End’ of a cool swimming pool right now in this London heatwave, we’re just as content to be soaking in the bass heavy new R&B banger from THEY.

They’re putting it on us with exactly the right kind of tempo that’s got all kinds of LA sounds running through it, as THEY. take it back to some of those dre days – “We’ve always been huge death row fans, so when we got a chance to work in 2pac’s old room, it was only right that we channelled that energy into one of our best songs to date. It’s some trap R. Kelly shit”

THEY. are different from the average and we can testify to that after witnessing exactly what THEY. had to give on their support slot for Bryson Tiller and their debut London headline show back in March. After lighting the spark with over 93 million combined plays of their debut EP ‘Nu Religion’, they’re ready to stoke the fire with the next heatwave that’s coming when they drop their debut album ‘HYENA’ on Mind Of A Genius later this year.


With the added kudos of having Timbaland stacking hours upon hours in the studio working with THEY. it’s all on them now to bring it. If you’re ready to cool off, head straight into the ‘Deep End’ now;