This is LDN

A great writer once showed me the importance of documenting the culture and it’s been engraved into my mind ever since. Within every interview, event, or moment that I do i’m aware of my own responsibility to ‘get it right’, the need to be accurate and relentlessly present the positive aspects of our scene.

As fans DJs, writers, or artists we are have a duty to preserve the culture. To document it from the perspective of people who live it. There can never be enough articles, posts, books, videos, or documentaries.

Many brands and platforms have tried to create Grime or UK Rap based documentaries, but they often fail to attain the necessary research and detail. Branding agendas overshadow cultural integrity, an entire history or legacy is crammed into a clip that lasts several minutes and passed of as a documentary purely for an attempt to look relevant. Because ‘LDN’ is directed, produced, filmed, and self funded by independent film maker Nathan Miller there is no agenda other than to hold up the mirror and reflect the innocence of an era of emerging artistry.

The advent of social media and streaming services have empowered our artists. Their creative freedom is limitless. As artists they define their artistic legacy and enjoy the benefits of commercial success at a greater rate than ever before. On a daily basis new artists, sounds, and contributions to the culture emerge from the streets. The ‘LDN’ documentary perfectly captures this.

It is a bold upgrade from what we’ve seen before, presented with a sincere effort to encapsulate an evolutionary moment of UK lyricism. It is fascinating to see several up and coming artists tell their story, to see them explain the point at which they reached a self realisation of their creative potential, and their attempt to make a transition from the roads to the stage. It’s a moment in time that truly reflects a moment in time.

The ‘LDN’ documentary is a definitive cultural marker within the history of Grime and UK Rap. Both unapologetically raw and natural, it is a film that accurately represents us and what we do.