This is Lundun And 808INK Are Crooked .Bad

Remember that little scoundrel Billy who we threw a welcome home party for earlier this week? (relive it here if you didn’t get the memo)

It’s been a mere 5 days since we threw that shindig, and 808INK are back in the saddle for round two, as they hand over the visual accompaniment for personified track, ‘Crooked.Bad’.

This video is fierce and outlandish, it’s BAD – but in every positive notion of the word of course. Enter a realm where a middle finger to the world is commonplace, for this suggestive gesture forms the very backbone of this potent visual, and the “Gully project it was plucked from.

Educate yourself on the fierce ideology running through the pumping veins of 808INK with the help of this zine –  a British Mutiny with a Gully guide in Lundun.

Spread from the zine - British Mutiny
Spread from the zine – British Mutiny

‘Crooked .Bad’ does exactly what it says on the tin, no nonsense, no fuss and remaining ever so gully throughout. Rounded off with my favourite shot of the mandem gracing us with tasty doughnuts, more flamboyant than those on offer at your local Krispy-Kreme store.

808INK and that little bugger Billy are bad to the bone, prepare to be a product of their environment, this is Crooked.Bad. Be a part of the reclamation of the ‘fuck it’ attitude of the youth in Britain.