This Isn’t My First Podcast

Outside the club, on the train, on the streets, airports, etc. are some of the places where I have the deepest conversations about the rap game.

It could be with an artist, DJ, producer, stan, basically anyone who is passionate and knowledgable about the culture. The conversations are very different to the interviews that I do on 1xtra, so I felt it was time to unleash a podcast and put some of these rap based convos out there.

Back in 09′ when I was blogging hard, I recorded my first podcast backstage at the G.O.O.D. music showcase at the Fader Fort, SXSW. That was a special time, and while I was recording the individual interviews for the podcast I didn’t realise that I was capturing a very unique moment that can never be recreated. A lot has changed since then, Ye’ is a very different artist in a very different place, and the G.O.O.D. music fam has evolved into something totally different.

The G.O.O.D. podcast back in 09'
The G.O.O.D. podcast back in 09′

Capturing the moment is what we all do on a regular basis thanks to social media, but I’m gonna go that bit deeper with the ‘Hip-Hop Raised Me’ podcast. The title is self explanatory. I was raised on Hip-Hop, I live and breathe it. Everyday I connect with some of the most creative people that contribute to the culture, so I’m going to record some of these convos and drop them every Tuesday. I’m going to constantly switch it up, the guests could be artists, DJs, producers, fans, managers, it doesn’t matter as long as they’ve got an opinion and equal passion for the culture.

Check out the inaugural episode of the ‘Hip-Hop Raised Me’ podcast below. This weeks guest is Yo Gotti who breaks down the business of Hip-Hop and the art of the hustle.

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