‘This Life’ Ain’t For Everybody, But Mir Fontane’s Is

On the dark side it’s a compelling picture of life in ‘Camden’, the New Jersey city Mir Fontane calls his hometown. Equal rapper and singer, Mir’s debut 12 track full-length project is refreshingly engaging from start to finish. Creating real life scenarios depicted with atmospheric sounds of gunshots, phone conversations and rain showers, the album takes you from story to story exquisitely ending with the stark final track ‘$horty $tory’.

Mir Fontane is already catching attention with his lyrical prowess and vivid storytelling, but it’s a picture he’s started painting after close inspection of rap masters before him. You’ll hear traces of cadences inspired from multiple generations of hip hop’s greatest lyricists and yet Mir doesn’t come across as an imitator, he’s like a new Da Vinci.

‘This Life’ his latest video from ‘Camden’ follows on from his previous singles ‘Down By The River’ and ‘Frank Ocean’, and while the 23 year old 300 Entertainment signee is confidently making a defining start in the rap game, it’s becoming apparent he’s not just your average individual.