ThisIsDA Goes On An Obscure Tour On ‘The Sufferbus’

Looking to keep the buzz alive after dropping his latest EP, ’21 & Done’, ThisisDA has just dropped some fairly crazy visuals for one of the project’s standouts, ‘The Sufferbus’.

Featuring lysergic production from Eyedress, ‘The Sufferbus’ takes you on an obscure little tour of DA’s psyche, complete with a spacey hook that bounces between vocal lines reminiscent of Tricky’s ‘Maxinquaye’ and a chopped-and-screwed drawl.

The visuals, then, boast an animated sequence produced by Antonia Blakeman, Kenneth Hang, Andrew Williams and Berakah Berry (DA’s cousin), complementing the track perfectly. Strobes, strange annotations, mythical monsters and a rather forlorn Starfish all accompany DA as he makes his trip across the street and down the drain – the weirdest of which is probably the Sufferbus itself: a sort of two-headed shark vehicle.

Whether you’re trying to make sense of the metaphors and symbolism, or simply taking it on face value, ‘The Sufferbus’ is extremely entertaining; Tracy Beaker on acid springs to mind. Check it out above!