Young Thug Keeps It Rising On Phoenix

‘Phoenix’ heads up Halloween week with promises of some pretty hot trick or treats – two mixtapes are expected from Young Thug on Halloween including ‘Slime Season 2’and his collab with Migos ‘MigosThuggin’.

Although officially announced on Instagram, the Migos and Young Thug announcement seems to have mysteriously disappeared from Instagram – so trick maybe? There’s news of a possible new mixtape ‘Monster 2’ from Future and a collaboration with Chief Keef and Metro Boomin, “Peacocks, Peacoat’s, Flavor, & Paper! The EP” on the way too – leaving no question that whatever appears on the day, Atlanta’s big hitters are going for the kill this Halloween.

For the past 15 days, Young Thug has leaked a track in regular 5 day intervals, on Audiomack. The latest leak, is the best cut yet and on ‘Phoenix’, Thugger is doing what he does best with that swooning delivery and production by Goose – ‘Phoenix’ gives rise to pure perfection, and Thug is as confident as ever “Kuna Matata I need you, I am a Mufasa genius“.

If you missed it, then check out ‘No Jokin’, which also dropped last week in the lead up to the new mixtape, bringing on the production power of Metro Boomin and Chopsquad, and keeping the output on full throttle.

Taking it back another 5 days earlier and something pretty ‘Raw’ was lurking below that tough Thug surface when he dropped the soulful cut with production from The Treasury.