Tiggs Da Author Just Got Us Singing ‘Georgia’

Tiggs Da Author just has that infectious energy that’s somehow got us smiling about that, unashamedly infactuated ‘in-love’ kinda feeling, from his new video for ‘Georgia’.

Fact is, if you know what he’s talking about, you’ll know what he’s getting at when he’s trying to front “I don’t need your touch, but I’m fiending, hoping I don’t overdose.” It’s not a run of the mill ‘break-up’ song it’s a ‘break-up to make-up’ song and the video’s got us singing ‘Georgia’ too! How on earth did that happen? The buzz has been building for a minute and its not even close to fever pitch yet but we’re feeling it for sure.

A British singer song-writer by way of Tanzania, and living in Lewisham, Tiggs isn’t trying to do things any other way but his own. He’s currently putting together his debut album, influenced in part by a documentary on the Dapper Rebels of Los Angeles, a sharply dressed crew who were involved in the infamous Watts riots of 1966. There’s a sense of an old-school Motown throwback in his sound but his refreshing and sharp humour flips the script and he’s undoubtedly a unique addition to the growing wave of new British talent.

Tiggs is already confirmed on the line up at the forthcoming London Festival Community and will be appearing live at XOYO on the 4th of November.

Now if someone knows where that truck is right now, drop us a line we know a few peeps who wouldn’t mind jumping on board!

‘Georgia’ is available on iTunes now.