Tiggs Da Author Takes Lady Leshurr For A Spin On ‘Run’

Tiggs Da Author has taken Lady Leshurr for a spin all the way to South Africa for his new video for ‘Run’ and he’s got us caught on another infectious hook – how does this man do it?

It’s clear his motivation to ‘run’ don’t stem from trying to fit in, “If you have that fear, you’re going to do whatever you can to fit in. If you fit in, you’re never going to fail but it’s never going to be incredible. It’s always going to put a ceiling on your creativity. You just need to stop caring and channel some sort of energy through yourself and put that into your music and be ready for people to say your shit.” To find out what else stirs up Tiggs you can read our full Next Up feature with Tiggs da Author here .

‘Run’ is straight up all about the ‘feel good factor’, by escaping your troubles, going for a spin and just getting away from it all, as Tiggs recommends “sometimes its better to just run!“. Can’t say Tiggs has got much to complain about, he’s got himself a fiery running mate with the lady of the moment Lady Leshurr, who’s had tongues wagging across the channel and fans impatiently waiting for her set of live UK dates in March.

Tiggs said of working with Leshurr: “It’s always great to collaborate with an amazing artist like Lady Leshurr but it’s even better when you’re friends. We’ve known each other for a long time and she nailed it.” The feelings pretty mutual for Leshurr “This song makes me happy! I love that it can be played to all ages. It’s a feel good vibe and I love that. Working with Tiggs felt so natural, his smile is infectious just like this song” – Lady Leshurr is right about one thing that smile is as infectious as the catchy sensibilities of this song.