‘Timmy Turner’ Turns It Up For Desiigner

Designer’s ‘Timmy Turner’ has been hyped to such an extreme since that XXL Freshman freestyle that it only seemed right to officially release it as a track, I mean it would’ve been mad not to right? Call it a turn of luck or the forces of nature – either way it’s arrived but can Desiigner takeover the charts again?

After teasing snippets of studio sessions, the official single brings on the production wizardry of Mike Dean enlisted to add some dark magic, and whether you like it or not, ‘Timmy Turner’ has been transformed into a monster. Should it have stayed a freestyle or has Desiigner proved he’s got staying power beyond ‘Panda’? This cinematic turn of events will inevitably trigger more Future comparisons, with his moody murmuring, hater baiting, locked in your head hook type of transformation.

Has ‘Timmy Turner’ now got ya’ll ‘wishing for a burner’ even if Desiigner’s mixtape ‘New English’ didn’t quite? Listen to official ‘Timmy Turner’ above and make up your mind.