Tinie Tempah serenades a Mamacita with his new single

Tinie Tempah’s latest release ‘Mamacita’ has our photographer/writer Courtney Francis transported to sunnier places…

It’s summer (apparently) and on the odd occasion the sun actually breaks through the clouds and makes us all run for our sunglasses, you need the ultimate summer song to match your mood. While many people will be stuck in traffic, or on the tube. In many cases, people will be in close proximity to others, whilst confined within public transport. Either way, music is something that can remove you from your situation and Tinie Tempah has created something to help.

With the help of WizKid, ‘Mamacita’ has the potential to be the next song you add to your summer playlist. Starting off with a southern american flare, WizKid’s vocals express his intentions to become more familiar with a señorita. The only thing that missing is a margarita. WizKid vibrantly expressing his agreement with the style of what I’m going to presume will be a well dressed woman in an upcoming video. I mean, they have to make a video for this. A sun kissed visual that will match the feel of this song. His African influence on this song with hints of Spanish are a great mix.

Tinie, using multiple flows in the verse, raps about the good impression that is made on him by the Mamacita he has set his sights on. He speaks about shared experiences that would hopefully resonate and result in the lady agreeing to spend more time with him. The various different instrumentals in the production create a modern interpretation of latin american music that is complimented well with WizKid’s singing and Tinie’s descriptive bars.

Even though I’m writing this sitting inside a packed tube carriage, whilst listening to ‘Mamacita’ I’m transported to vibrant street where a band is playing drums and trumpets. With Tinie Tempah’s new album ‘YOUTH’ recently announced, if this song is anything to go by, we are in for a treat.

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