TOKiMONSTA Is Down To Put it Down

TOKiMONSTA has made quite the name for herself over the years, the DJ, producer and first lady of Fly Lo’s label Brainfeeder has rightfully taken her place at the forefront of the eclectic LA based music scene with a consistent flow of material.

When you catch a combination of this trio, TOKiMONSTA, Anderson .Paak and KRNE, where they’re from, goes into what they create as much as who they are individually, if there’s one thing L.A musicians have perfected is the art of blending together genres and influences and letting it go wherever they want it to. And ‘Put it Down,’ is a product of masterfully putting it into a track that doesn’t go where you expect them to.

This year’s frequency of fine music from Kendrick Lamar, to Dr Dre, to Kamasi Washington to Kelela has already taken us through a cascade of L.A’s multiple dimensions and so it’s fitting for Anderson .Paak to sing a hook for ‘Put It Down’ that not only encapsulates his own breakthrough but his co-collaborators too : “You make your city so proud, when you came up, Put It Down

This isn’t the first time TOKiMonsta and Anderson .Paak have linked, as well as touring together, they’re collab on ‘Realla‘ going 1 year back, was the lead track to launch her new label ‘Young Art’ with the the mini LP ‘Desiderium’. TOKiMONSTA doesn’t do EP’s she does mini LP’s and her next one is dropping on January 29 via Young Art Records titled  ‘Fovere’. The project will include collaborations with Jonny Pierce of The Drums, Kiya Lacey, and Gavin Turek as well as the first collab cut below;