Tonga Balloon Gang Birth A New Scene

Are your auditory senses feeling peckish for some new noise to devour? Allow the legend of the underground Mike Skinner and his motley crew Tonga Balloon Gang, to tease your pallet with their feisty track, Make No Scene.

Appointing Grime scene veteran, Jammer, this appetiser serves as a vital component to their commemorative EP ‘Tonga’ –  A 3 track commemorative concoction due to be served piping hot on 14th November.

Let’s take a peep behind the curtain to gauge an understanding behind the genetic makeup of this project. An allegiance forged between Mike Skinner and Murkage Dave back at the start of the most recent millennia takes us to the present day, or at least 2014, where we saw the birth of Tonga – A hybrid club night fusing Rap, Grime and Dubstep all under one roof.

In just 365 days this one shubz/shoobs (whatever your grammatical preference) has ploughed through the UK & Europe with an astounding momentum, all with an end goal too unite and conquer. Not a bad accomplishment for a years work.

‘Make No Scene’, whiffs of a drug fuelled euphoria of decades gone by filtered through a more modified medium, to cater for the cultural makeup of the UK scene and beyond. Mike Skinner embeds his signature sound on a more modernised plateau, and I for one like this bubbly rendition.

Consume this auditory snack, and enjoy every crumb, but fear not the birthday cake and candles are just round the corner, but for now, let’s try not to make too much of a scene.

Tonga Balloon Gang are: Mike Skinner, Murkage Dave, Gaika, Oscar #worldpeace, Klepto, DJ Smith.