Top 5… Cuffing Season Playlist

British Summer Time is officially ending, with the clocks going back at the weekend; it’s safe to say the knitwear can come out, and dudes can start dancing like Drake in ‘Hotline Bling’ when they receive that ‘Netflix & Chill?’ text. With temperatures dropping, duvets and cardigans at the ready, we’ve put together five tracks that are essential for your #cuffingseason playlist…

Bonkaz – 8310 (Nokia Nostalgia)

Any track that delivers nostalgic messages and reminds me of the days we would hold on to our beloved Nokia’s, days of MSN and late-night pillow talks, gets an instant co-sign from me. Released in September, right off the back of summer, Bonkaz was setting that cuffing vibe early. In the track Bonkaz reminisces about some of the 00’s R&B musical memories. Kicking off with Nivea’s ’25 Reasons’, and then throws in some Dru Hill, Pretty Ricky and Brian McKnight references. Bonkaz basically reels off your entire cuffing season playlist!

Ray BLK – Talk To Me

With an EP inspired by probably one of the loneliest women in literature, Charles Dickens’ Miss Havisham, Ray BLK’s follow up track ‘Talk To Me’, is a song of unrequited love. This one’s a vibe if you’re spending cuffing season alone – maybe you’re spending your winter days on Insta double-tapping the pics of that guy/girl you fancy – you like them, but do they know it? No. ‘Talk To Me’ is the soundtrack for this, the person she’s diggin’ has absolutely no idea…. Poor Ting! Produced by To Misch, the vibe on this one reminds me of an old-school hiphop track.

Kehlani – The Way

Californian songstress Kehlani is undoubtedly bringing back those 90s and early 00s R&B vibes. On any track she releases she pours out her heart and soul. Her collaboration with Chance The Rapper earlier this year saw Kehlani admit how crazy her man drives her, ‘Boy you know all I do is stay up all night losing sleep over you/All I do is drive myself crazy thinkin’ ‘bout my baby-yyyy’

Ladies, take the wheel, this one is for you to serenade your man.

A2 – Winter Winner

South London artist A2 has been releasing a steady flow of material on Soundcloud. The enigmatic, producer/songwriter/rapper/singer has a way of breaking down his interactions with a significant other in a way a lot of us can relate to. His latest free-style track, Winter Winner, from his up and coming EP ‘Blue’, A2 raps: ‘the temperature is dropping the city is getting real cold’. With the cold nights approaching, this warm one by A2 is one to put on repeat

Bryson Tiller – Don’t

Nearly a year old, the song from Trap Soul pioneer, Bryson Tiller, ‘Don’t’ is the perfect reminder to both men and women. Women – don’t let your man make a fool out of you. Men – don’t continue to mistreat your women, or Bryson will treat her better! ‘If you were mine you would not get the same/ If you were mine you would top everything’. ‘Don’t’ is a hazy-mood setter, grab the candles, wine or hot-coco and vibe to the sounds of soulful-trap by Mr Tiller.