Travis Scott Rolls In His ‘Uber Everywhere’

Madeintyo’s ‘Uber Everywhere’ has not only been a sick promo for Uber, but has found itself a favourite amongst rappers, throwing their bars on the beat. Travis Scott now jumps in, but he’s not calling his version a remix.

Since the original release of ‘Uber Everywhere’, we’ve had remixes from Tory Lanez and now, Rodeo rapper, Travis Scott, shares his take of LA’s Madeintyo’s infectious summer viral hit, about getting in the app-based taxi service to see his girl. About two months ago, Travis Scott dropped his own version of this at a live show, and now, he’s shared the official CDQ version. What’s weird about this is that Scott states in the description that this track isn’t a remix, even though the – let’s call it – Travis Scott “version”, actually incorporates a verse from Madeintyo’s original, and has the same beat.

Here’s a bit of an investigation for ya. Last week on Instagram, Travis Scott posted this picture along with the caption: “Birds in The Trap Singing Mcknight / Day 36”. In his version of ‘Uber Everywhere’ he raps the same line, which is thought to be the name from his next album, so let’s wait and see!

Birds in The Trap Singing Mcknight Day 36

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For now, enjoy the version of Scott’s ‘Uber Everywhere’ below: