Truss You Want This ‘Freak Like Me’ From NoMBe

Rising LA artist NoMBe has already impressed us with his soulful and chilled vibe, giving us ‘Wait’ and ‘Young Hearts’ earlier this year. Now he’s stepping up the game with his latest track ‘Freak Like Me, a ‘cosmic soul’ track which is equal doses of sleek, sexy and soulful, yielding a certain energy that makes you just want to keep pressing replay.

“This is the one and only song my significant other never wanted me to release. Lucky for you she eventually caved because the world needs to hear it. Here’s to all the Freaks” – NoMBe .

You’ll get what he’s talking about when you hear the seductive track, which also comes complete with a 360 video and is another taster of what’s to come from his full album ‘They Might’ve Even Loved Me’ which is currently in the works. If ‘Freak Like Me’ is anything to go by, we’re feelin’ the freak in NoMBe. More please

Listen to the song on Soundcloud below, and watch the video HERE.