Trying To Get Into The Game?

It’s hard getting into the music game.
No one helps you until you prove your worth, but you can’t prove your worth until you’ve studied the lane that you want to get into, got a bit of experience, and made a lot of mistakes.

All you can do is follow your gut instinct, be persistent, and ask questions.

Always ask questions about what you don’t know, it’s the only way you will learn.
Ask as much as possible from as many people as possible in your chosen field.

UK Music in partnership with British Black Music have put together an event featuring a line up of people that may be help you to with your move into the Music Industry. There will be workshops, experienced execs and artists that may be able to offer some kind of insight. Check out the full info here.

It takes place on Friday 25th September at New River Studios in Tottenham and you can apply for a place by emailing your full name, age, mobile number and music experience to and successful participants will be informed by the 21th September.

This is about you, what you want to know, and what you want to do.
Take advantage of this event, it could be beneficial to what you’re working on.

See you down there.