Tunji Ige Doesn’t Just Wanna Be ‘On Go’

Almost a year since Tunji Ige debuted his mixtape, ‘The Love Project’ – written, produced, mixed and mastered by himself – the Philly rapper has just asserted himself as a triple threat with a 3 track back to back drop this week. With peak attention on so many big releases, the fact that Tunji Ige still managed a standout, stands out.

There’s been barely a weekend when we’re not fiending for new music and it’s coming at us from the living G.O.A.T’s and the future great ones. Tunji Ige is definitely vying for future greatness, and if this is just another weekend for him, then we’re all ears for what he’s got to bring for future weekends.

With ‘I Just Wanna’, ‘On Go’ and ‘Over and Out’, Tunji Ige isn’t going entirely solo on production this time, bringing in a few select collaborators like Take a Daytrip, Heaven In Stereo, Sam Greens, Noah Breakfast and Nate Fox of the Social Experiment , who’s ‘Lurking’ on the 2nd part of ‘I Just Wanna’.

Take some time this weekend to check out Tunji Ige’s 3 tracks on ‘Just Another Weekend’;