Uber Cool Cosmic Trap Is So ‘Easy’ For Flowzart

Flowzart serves up uber cool cosmic trap with ‘Easy’.

When was the last time you listened to a song that sounded like your own cerebral pattern clairvoyantly channelled through the universe via the artist? Put simply, Flowzart makes music that’s in tune with the your mood. Whether it’s ultra braggadocios anthems or meditative rap ballads, he always captures an absorbing atmosphere.

‘Easy’ is the latest drop from him since the release of his debut project ‘1/3‘ and the track is a an uncannily different yet refreshing contrast to what we know him for. Produced by Cycris Visyn, the track has a distinctively clean spacey vibe but still with a heavy bounce that’ll have folks bumping this all summer.

Flowzart’s mantra is all about legacy. Having grown up in South London in the midst of the rise of multiple grime, rap and pop stars, he’s honed his skills to not be boxed into one genre. Blessed with bars and a broad array of production skills, he’s an example of London’s new generation of multi faceted futurist creatives. Serotonin is the family he reps and they work together to make sure the visual and sonic journey you experience through Flowzart’s story is seamless. Be sure to check out more of the collective’s work, fact they’ve got a lot of crack in store!

Vibe out to Easy and stay locked for ‘2/3’ from Flowzart coming soon.