Velous Went All Day To Sex And The City

Was it French Montana, Kanye West or Boi-1da who put Velous on our radar or has he just been waiting in the wings all this time to put himself on? After Boi-1da dropped the untitled but later revealed ‘Sex And The City’ track into his mix on the OVO Sound radio show, it was just a matter of time.

So the time might just be now for multi-faceted producer, rapper and singer Velous aka Tyler Bryant who’s coming straight out of New York but not the Big City but Kingston, NY. Velour shares co-production credits on ‘All Day’ alongside Kanye and since then it’s been a quiet moment. Signed to French Montana’s Coke Boys imprint it’s was Montana who brought the beat to Kanye and it all went from there.

While Velous watched Kanye’s performance on the Brit Awards, it was as much of a revelation for him as it was for the world, as he told MTV, “I started putting the track together last summer. I made that beat on my boy’s couch while I was watching ‘Saturday Night Live'”. After that it was all over to French Montana who took it to the next level and passed the beat on as Velous explains “I guess Kanye was rocking with it, so he gave it to Kanye and they added some more. Kanye went in, French added some stuff to it and I co-produced it with my big bro.”

Word is there’s an EP on its way and we’re looking forward to finding out what else Velous has in store on ‘The Disco’ EP.