Vibbar Say More In ‘All That I Can Say’

A few months ago, online personality Poet started tagging his instagram posts with #Vibbar. At this time, many were asking the question exactly what it was. In August, a song named ‘Summer Of Love’ provided the answer. A bouncy tune which nostalgically brought a generation of garage listeners back to fun times.

“We’re a group of friends that are aware of each others talents” – Poet, Vibbar

Vibbar, the Swedish word for ‘vibe’, is a music collective which includes producers The Confect and rappers Jords, Poet, Skribz and Skits. It seems that they don’t have any intentions to stick to the garage influenced sound of their previous single, which brings us to their new release ‘All The I Can Say’.

This smooth sultry listening experience starts with Poet being true to his name and providing a foundation for the verse from Jords that follows. The video, created by Courtney Bennett, Mr.Brissett and Poet, adds to the mystic that surrounds this collective while at the same time, provides a glimpse into the creative spaces in which they thrive.

This girl told me that she wished that I was taller / Now she’s f***ing with a semi-pro baller / But he ain’t been picked in a minute / So now they’re both sitting, dreaming for a call up

Jord weaves in and out of his verse with football references while the soft production of The Confec floats gently beneath. It’s as if you’re listening to a song from Mary J Blige in a party that you weren’t invited to. So you’re left to hear the bass and subtle tones of the melody through the divided wall. With Poet bridging the gap between the raps from Jordy and Skits with an ode to a significant other that he’s trying to get back on his side, ‘All That I Can Say’ shows another side to the multi faceted Vibbar that suggested that there is more to be expected.