Vic Mensa Has Come A Hell Of A Way From 47th Street

“It’s re-election season – Bitch, I think I’m back in office” – Vic Mensa, ‘The Fire Next Time’.

Please understand, Vic touched down in London this Monday morning around 5am, three days later this Thursday he is set to embark on a North American nationwide run opening up for Jay-Z on his 4:44 tour as the sole support act. An incredible feat for any artist but this time Vic is ready, and this is that career defining moment for the Chicago native to prove to the world just how far he’s come in such a short space of time. Hell of a way from 47th Street.

Having followed Vic’s career from day one, I’m always excited at the prospect of a Vic Mensa show. I first met Vic on his press run in the summer of 2014 and what made me most excited to see the show this time around was just how much he’s grown as an artist, both personally, artistically and on a global scale.

After briefly catching parts of Vic’s soundcheck it reinforced in me just how involved Vic is in his performance and the intricate details within that performance, the transitions between each track, the levels and the cohesion of the story. As Village Underground gradually filled up from stageside to the back walls, the sold out show was almost underway and there was a real sense of excitement in the building.

Taking to the stage with that Chicago energy you can’t help but feel is contagious the crowd bounce as Vic blasts on with fan favourite ‘Say I Didn’t’ from his debut album ‘The Autobiography’. Swiftly moving into the ex girl anthem ‘U Mad’, Vic was knocking out hit after hit, much to the enjoyment of the mosh pit that soon emerged. Looking every inch the rockstar and stage diving not once but twice, the second time from the top of the speakers, Vic floated above the crowd whilst still knocking out every line word for word.

Providing the heat with album cuts ‘Memories On 47th Street’, ‘The Fire Next Time’ and the incredibly personal ‘Heaven On Earth’ dedicated to his late friend Cam, Vic’s ability to intertwine such levels of story telling within a live show, further depicts the ascension of the Roc Nation signee’s artistry and career. The mix of turn up tracks, straight bars, stories of heartache, reflection, brutally honest tales of suicidal thoughts and substance abuse to coming out the other side with a body of work and a live show that is years beyond other artists of the same age bracket is testament to the Vic, a real perfectionist in his craft.

Get em Vic.