Vic Mensa Meant It When He Said ‘There’s A Lot Going On’

This time there was no big name features, or a big rollout, Vic Mensa’s new EP ‘There’s Alot Going On’ came with little fanfare but airing a lot of baggage.

Charting his rise from the early days with Kids These Days to a solo outing soon after signing to Roc Nation, Vic’s been a bit of an enigma. Everything inevitably changed around him but we just assumed it would all lead to a pretty straightforward path to ‘Traffic’. Somehow the rush to follow the rise and rise of the upstart seemed to be going a bit sideways as Vic came face to face with his own addictions and the struggle to tackle his own state of mental health. Addressing the highs and lows of this music life, Vic goes in on the lead single ‘There’s Alot Going On’ talking about everything from his rise to fame and fall into shame, relationships woes, to sharing the stages and studios with Ye and Jay.

Leading the new EP with a new visual for the title track ‘There’s Alot Going On’, Vic performs straight to camera in a simply shot studio video (above). The Smoko Ono, Papi Beatz, and Knox Fortune produced single features on the 7 track EP, redeeming Vic from his past transgressions and opens the door to a new season.