Video Surfin From A Purge To A Come Down

From Rejjie Snow, Section Boyz, Anderson .Paak, Desiigner and Kid Cudi

From ‘Pink Beetle’s to ‘Zombie Walk’s, to ‘Surfin’ through a purge to that eventual ‘Come Down’, this Halloween gave us a visual feast. So it’s only right to pull the best of the ‘Worst’ and guide you through the 5 video highlights of this seasons Halloween holiday. Whether you’ve been tricking or treating yourself to a few parties, there’s no reason why you can’t keep indulging in some eye candy.


Desiigner Takes Us On A ‘Zombie Walk’

Desiigner indulged our purge during this Halloween season with ‘Zombie Walk’ taken from his ‘New English’ debut mixtape earlier this year. Delivering a scary take on the usual fright night rush to a house party, with one twist, this one’s set in a haunted mansion right in the middle of the woods. Laid out like a cross between scenes from The Walking Dead and The Shinning with hints of Thriller moments, Desiigner hitches a ride with a hillbilly who’s appetite and thirst for human flesh leaves him stranded with no phone reception. Meanwhile King Savage whom he enlisted to depict a horror tale enjoys the party under the seduction of the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and gets attacked by a monster in the woods. A short film tailored to spook you, Desiigner’s acting skills come into full zombie mode.

Kid Cudi Keeps ‘Surfin’ On His Wave

Sticking to his promise of letting the music do the talking while he took himself to rehab, Cudi’s label shared the self-directed ‘Surfin’ video off his forthcoming album ‘Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ featuring Pharrell Williams. Cudi is seen in a more upbeat spirit showing off dope dance moves inside a tropical themed party with psychedelic bounces and electrifying neon lights. Spotlit to illuminate the faces of a few famed partygoers, check the cameos from A$AP Rocky, A$AP Nast, Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, Chip the Ripper and Hit-Boy and more.

Despite the jovial mood of the song’s fluid funk approach Cudi speaks on some of the issues he’s been enduring before his move to rehab. He spits “The industry is so full of shit / Welcome y’all to the enema / Nah man, no subliminal / ‘Cause they insecure, they know who they are”.

Cudi is definitely “Surfin” on my own wave” – and it smells like teen spirit in this video;

Rejjie Snow Shows His Teeth In ‘Pink Beetle’ 

Rejjie Snow isn’t known for doing anything by halves and on the same day he debuted his new video for ‘Pink Beetle’ he simultaneously announced a UK tour for spring 2017. ‘Pink Beetle’ is produced by Rahki (Kendrick Lamar), who is currently executive producing Snow’s debut album, with the video directed by Max Weiland (Somesuch).

Inspired by one of our biggest shared fears, Rejjie says, “I wanted to translate the hyperreal imagery that one envisions when thinking about going to the dentist. For some, going to the dentist is a treacherous nightmare in which pain & fear can strike over you. This video was born from a conversation I had with a man who hadn’t gone to the dentist in 20 years. Because he was simply afraid. We dedicate this to you, my friend. Happy Halloween.”

Snow announced a full UK tour for Spring 2017, including a show at London’s 2,300-capacity Forum. Get the dates and tickets information via

Section Boyz And Skepta Do Their ‘Worst’

Maybe it’s time to have a purge of our own, get all that horror out of our systems and go for a rampage to let off some steam. Section Boyz and Skepta link up to take out the ‘Worst’ of their inner badness with a new video specially timed to drop on Halloween night.

“F$%k what you heard, my G’s are the worst” spew the corners of London’s edges as the gang spray murderous tricks on their purge. Masked and mobbed Section Boyz take control with the help of man of the moment No Meri Skepta— and it is spooky good. ‘Worst’ is based off the James DeMonaco’s horror flick The Purge with an East London treatment.

Anderson .Paak Brings The Party To Life

Anderson .Paak released a new video for one of the standout tracks from Malibu, with the funk driven ‘Come Down’ inspired by some of music’s greats –“We wanted to bring the iconic artwork of Ernie Barnes Sugar Shack and Marvin Gaye’s cover for “I want you”, to life”. Hyping the life of a groovy night in Malibu where domino’s rule the crap table, partygoers who can’t hold their liquor and groovers who just want to be seduced by the funkadelic sounds of Anderson and The Free Nationals; the electrifying eccentric vibes of ‘Come Down’ create an already welcoming eargasm from .Paak.