View Solange’s Visual Dossier ‘Seventy States’ Commissioned by Tate Modern

Today, Solange Knowles Ferguson presents her digital interactive dossier, ‘Seventy States,2017’ to coincide with Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power exhibition at London’s Tate Modern.

Solange’s exploration is entered on the subject of Black womanhood and inspired by the artwork of Betye Saar, an artist associated with the Black arts movement, and who’s work is also featured in the exhibition.

Black womanhood has been at the root of my entire existence since birth

“I decided to do this through a visual language. I wanted to create this language to help me to get closer to the balance I yearned to be closer to and express. I wanted to create a meditation and mediation using movement, repetition, symmetry, color theory, landscape and scenography, as my own individualised protest”, says Solange in her artist statement.

The one off display ‘Seventy States’ is an exploration of visual language in collaboration with Carlotta Green. Presented as an interactive piece, it contains exclusive unreleased performances, words and unused concepts that shaped the visual direction of the music videos for ‘Cranes in the Sky,’ and ‘Don’t Touch my Hair’, from the critically acclaimed album ‘A Seat At The Table’.

The visual display includes an original performance piece ‘we sleep in our clothes, (because we’re warriors of the night) 2017’ with the score created by the artist. The piece was done in collaboration with Carlota Guerra and features an installation featuring Capsules (NBP x me-you) 2010 by Ricardo Basbaum, created at Tate Modern and directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz. The piece also features two untitled poems, written, dated 2 June 2017.

On Friday August 25, Uniqlo Tate Late will offer free entry to ‘Soul Of A Nation’ exhibition to Tate visitors who can also find a selection of films projected at Tate Modern as part of Uniqlo Late on the walls of the Tanks Foyer. The interactive digital display of ‘Seventy States’ can be viewed online.