Vince Staples Gets Forward Thinking With New ‘FUN’ Visual

Vince Staples pulls all the stops for every video, doesn’t he? Without fail.

I mean, think about it, when was the last time you saw a Vince vid that wasn’t absolute fire? You can’t name one can you? That’s ‘cos there isn’t any. He makes certain to deliver daringly novel excellence with every drop, from his poignant lyricism to his layered, socially conscious visuals — each project is a veritable powerhouse. Take his new ‘Fun’ visual for example. 

Plucked from his new ‘FM’ project, the west coast rapper takes viewers on a ride through ‘Ramona Park,’ Long Beach, showing all kinds of raucous shenanigans in a ‘Google Earth’ style tour of his old stomping grounds. Highs. Lows. Everything. He shares it all. 

From beginning ‘till the very auspicious end, Staples appears to almost visually ‘narrate’ a day in Long Beach. Although much like his ‘Señorita’ video, from his earlier albumSummertime 06’, he does so with a tinge of satire, making a nod at his presumably middle-class white fans consuming his art – indeed, consuming rap – from a safe distance, driving home his long-held sentiment that ‘trauma sells.’ There is, however, a very human cost to all this ‘entertainment.’ 

All in all, it’s safe to say Staples has wowed with his new album ‘FM’, settling quite comfortably into his role of contrarian, making sure we – the fans – never get too comfortable in the meantime. He’ll take every opportunity he’s offered to point out the curiosities & inconsistencies in our accepted norms. It’s just his way… and we love him for it. 

Check ‘Fun’ out below:

Words by Hakeem Demi