Vince Staples On The Slippery Slope of The 90’s

Vince Staples recently got the internet going nuts when he talked about the impact of ’90’s Hip-Hop vs Naughties Hip-Hop. Vince provided some clarity on the tension, and more in this interview with DJ Semtex when he touched down in the U.K for the 3rd time this year for a live show at Arrival in London.

There’s some irony in the fact that Vince had his debut acting cameo role in the 90’s obsessed summer flick ‘Dope‘ and his standout line was ‘still a little shaky on the concept’ of a ‘slippery slope’.

“What happened was, Time had an article about the importance of pop culture in the 90’s and my statement was that rap music didn’t penetrate pop culture the way it did in the early 2000’s as it did in the 90’s. Thats why I said Biggie and Tupac. They can be mad, but if you walk down the street and ask a little kid do they know a majority of the rappers from that generation, they’re probably not gonna know ’em which means they didn’t generate popular culture, and every little kid knows Eminem, every little kid knows Kanye West, 50 Cent and Jay-Z, and thats why I used those peoples examples, but people don’t read or listen.”

Well the real Vince Staples certainly can’t be shaky on the concept of a slippery slope now – “A small event that leads to a chain reaction of events, with unintended consequences that were unforeseen at the time of the inciting event” – the chain reaction of events had Twitter popping off for days but Vince was in high spirits about it all, “It was funny to me, I like when people get emotional.”

Check out the video above of our exclusive interview with Vince Staples and DJ Semtex and live footage from his Arrival show in London.