Vince Staples Rises Higher With ‘Lift Me Up’

As one of the highlights of 2015, Vince Staples debut ‘Summertime ’06’ is an album that has far from reached peak saturation and warrants extended play long into future vintage playlists.

If you haven’t caught him getting caught out on 90’s Hip-Hop and navigating the internet territory like a super weaver, Vince Staples has wit in his grip and injects a spark in his lyrics that has him ready to take on any internet battle. Something about Staples is miles higher than his peers and every time we revisit cuts from his debut album it continues to point to a foreseeable future where this rapper can reign supreme if he continues to cut through with precision. “Fight between my conscience, and the skin that’s on my body
Man, I need to fight the power, but I need that new Ferrari.

‘Lift Me Up’ the DJ Dahi and No.ID produced cut, opens as as standout cut on the 20 track double album, and finally gets a visual treatment that brings home the quality that Staples is adding to the game. Single minded with his vision and craft, Vince is invincible in the ‘Lift Me Up’ visual which sets the scene at the L.A port before blasting with a gunshot. Quite literally floating up off the ground, the David Helman and Dustin Lane directed video has Staples lifted up with an invisible force floating around L.A . Watch the new video above and check out his last live set at ARRIVAL with an exclusive interview with DJ Semtex;