Vintz Shop Plugs The Game With The Hardest Frames 

“We do not follow fashion – vintage glasses are timeless”

Vintage Glasses are pieces that have become a go-to finishing touch when your favourite artist or baller is tryna flex on a magazine spread, in a video or on Instagram. It’s very hard to duplicate glasses that are no longer produced, or recreate the feel that they bring. Bringing back a whole catalogue of vibes: from the 90’s R&B cartiers, to the Heavy Harlem pusher Cazals or even the Miami Vice style aviators, collector glasses like these are a trend that is here to stay. Rain or shine.

There’s been one team, one plug that’s been supplying this drip the heaviest in the UK throughout the past couple of years and that’s Vintz Shop. It’s unquestionable that they have everybody’s favourite on their roster. It would be mad for me to even start listing who, their instagram is flooded with every recent music video and artist – from the UK  to overseas – wearing shades they have sourced.

It was hard to track him down with his crazy schedule, but I got to speak to the man behind Vintz Shop about his come up, his most expensive piece, crazy link ups and how he feels about being the number one supplier. Through a personal love for glasses he brought the idea for Vintz shop to life, “[I started] many years ago. I purchased a pair of vintage Cazal frames way back… we had a heatwave in the UK which meant I was gonna be wearing them joints. Everyday I wore them I was approached by women stating how lovely they were and just got stares from men. We sort of triggered the whole movement…”.

Everybody has become fascinated with the plug lifestyle – calling an expert up to source you the best of the best quality items, usually before anyone else. So Vintz let me know what the bespoke glasses process is like, “Well, we source some of the rarest eyewear. Then we put some of the craziest hand dipped lenses in them. We can also do prescription for our clients, diamond setting, gold plating and repairs. For us we didn’t want to see everyone looking the same. A prime example: Louis Vuitton Evidence frames.”

Evidence frames were big back in the day, when GRM was still called Grime Daily and every hood star had them on in their sbtv F64, on the block. “You thought you treated yourself [buying those]? But so did everyone else doing the same thing. You only realised when you stepped in the club and saw another 8 people with them. Vintz was determined to change that.”

There are 3 options to get a bespoke set of glasses from Vintz depending on how exclusive you wanna get, “We have a website where we ship frames worldwide when purchased. Also, our office for viewing where customers come and make purchases. As for our more high profile clients/celebrities we bring the shop to them. It makes for a more personal 1-to-1 experience in their own comfort zone.”

Then he put me on game. When it comes to vintage glasses, Vintz makes sure they are on-trend by staying far away from new trends and working around the client instead: “We do not follow fashion – vintage glasses are timeless. Certain brands may be more popular than another for a period. But there is no style involved. It’s more what suits your face and looks good, the glasses will do the rest. But brands over the past 3 or 4 seasons which have been popular are – Ettore Bugatti, Hilton, Chanel and more recently Tiffany. Brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier are a hit all year round (one of the best glasses makers).”

After meeting almost everyone who is someone in the UK, it was interesting to find what out what he looks for in a customer: “Obviously my ideal customer is a millionaire jet-setter, always on a plane in luxury places… honestly, my ideal customer – I have a few. Someone who: 1. Knows their stuff. 2. A customer who likes to try new shapes etc. 3. A customer who wants to build a collection.” 

I wanted to find out about the craziest pair they’ve had in their inventory, and Vintz didn’t hesitate to let me know. “Currently the most expensive pair I have is a custom Cartier which was flooded with almost 4 carats of VVS1 diamonds- it cost is £1,1000.” He then got into the craziest experiences he’s had on his journey. Experiences like a recent one with Manchester United baller Jesse Lingard. “Crazy story. Got a random message from Jesse Lingard once, said he needed new glasses and should come and see him. Like the crazy person I am I drove there – don’t ask me why I didn’t take the train… anyway it took about 4hrs to get to his. After he was sorted he said ‘you coming to my party’ … I felt happy to have even been invited. I saw the whole Man U squad, a few I had sold frames to already and ones I hadn’t, and loads of other football players in the premier league there. Crazy, got to meet a few and get some pics with them. But to top off the night, I got to see Lil Baby in person perform. Was a fun night….”

Like I said, it is without a doubt Vintz is the leading player in the vintage glasses game. I asked him what that privilege meant to him… “It feels good to know I created this whole movement, it was a vision and a plan I’m seeing through. For the Culture I did this, as I am part of the culture for the music scene I did this. Football scene I did this.”

I agree, Vintz did this. Vintz does this. @Vintz_shop