Watch Ingrid The Next Parkwood Protege Start Her ‘Flex’

Beyonce is over label hypebeasts that sign up and service carbon copies of tried and tested chart successes. Now it’s all about empowering more women because simply put “the music industry is dominated by men.Revealing the first new artists signed to her Parkwood Entertainment label in Elle Magazine, Ingrid is Beyonce’s latest signee to unleash her debut video hot on the heels of Chloe x Haille’s debut.

Hailing from same hometown of Houston, Texas, Ingrid is a 29 year old singer/rapper, Ingrid is no stranger to Beyonce, “Our mothers were great friends, so our relationship is very personal, but I never expected anything from it.”

Expectations aside, after a run of 4 mixtapes and opening slots for Drake and J.Cole in the early days, the Brooklyn resident decided to relocate from Houston to Brooklyn and from there she ended up in the Hamptons, down for a writing session with Beyonce on Beyoncé – “My presence definitely inspired the gold grillz, the ‘bow down’—the overt H-Town shit that embraced her roots in Houston.”

Understand, Ingrid doesn’t just slay she gon flex on her new single with Sevyn Street bringing a laid back, moody round whippin’ type of flow, mixing up her ghetto reality with dreams of living “on a yacht in the south of France.

There’s an album about to drop  and just like her mentor, Ingrid is all about: ‘power, respect, and, of course, sex.’ Bring on the flex!