Watch Jacob Banks’ Gripping ‘Unholy War’ Video

“The oppressed outnumber the oppressors, protect your magic, freedom is on the move.”

Jacob Banks co-directs in this gorgeous cinematic visual for the track ‘Unholy War’. Naked ambition and unruly dreams are at the forefront of this mini epic that sees a father and his son in a battle of wits against a Freddie Kruger villain

Now pretty well established in the UK, Jacob Banks’ previous releases ‘Monster 2.0’ which featured Avelino and ‘Unknown’ with Kayode ‘Roll Safe’ Ewumi certified his Soul status. In the new video, Banks’ rich sound sprawls untamed like the video’s Colorado Mountain landscape.

Stark and gripping, ‘Unholy War’ is the first of two parts, cementing the context for Banks’ upcoming ‘The Boy Who Cried Freedom EP’. With ‘Unholy War’ Jacob Banks has set the tone, proving the fight for progress is never finished and real Soul stays relevant regardless of trends.