Watch Reece Roll Safe In The Hood

#HoodDocumentary is the first episode from rising Comedian Kay otherwise known as Kayode Ewumi and now starring as Reece in his just released full length feature ‘mocumentary’.

Kay has been the relative new ‘kid in the hood’ but he’s fast become the biggest in the hood as his continuous flow of Vine’s have erupted and overtaken the pack. Watch the video above and be warned you’ll be wondering ‘why you’re always crying’ after you see R.S chatting to mandem from the estate.

 the star of the Hood Documentary, also gives us a sneak peak into his ‘musical and acting talent’. Ooh oh my God, be ready to cringe as Reece aka R.S is documented as he goes about his day to day endeavours around his ‘Hood’, giving us a perfect example of a young and upcoming creative in Britain?

Speaking of British ‘creatives’, there’s a fresh slate of up and coming comedians who are really breaking out in the U.K, Tommy Xpensive has been blazing a trail on Vine and Twitter alongside his regular show on Reprezent as well as Olofe Pence who’s only 19 and also gathering a big online following.

While the internet has been obsessing over the ‘Why The Fuck You Lying’ Vine comedic sensation from the U.S Nicholas Fraser, it’s a new era for comedy both here and across the channel.