Watch The New Video From Jessie Reyez For ‘Shutter Island’

Ever had a relationship that sent you so damn crazy that you felt you were living in a custom-made straitjacket? I can’t lie, been there, done that and for “a second forgot I was a bad bitch.” Jessie Reyez’s new video for ‘Shutter Island’ is the release you need if you relate in every way to that crazy type of feeling.

When Semtex broke it down for us about why we need to watch Jessie Reyez do her thing, he wasn’t lying, telling us “It’s deeper than just singing, she has a very real intense passionate delivery that burns throughout her performance.”

The Toronto singer/songwriter already put the ex to rights with her last single ‘Figures’ and the follow up is no less intense. The video is cold and Jessie lets out her anger at peak temperature. In her exclusive interview with Semtex she told us exactly where it all comes from – “It’s just hurt that I need out. Cos some people ask my ‘why don’t you make more happy songs’ and I’m like man when I’m happy I wanna keep that, when I’m happy I like having that energy but when I get angry it’s to the other side of the spectrum, so I gotta get it out.”

Watch her the new video for ‘Shutter Island’ above and meet Jessie Reyez in our exclusive Cover Story on Nation of Billions here.