Watch The Rise Of House Of Pharaohs

House Of Pharaohs are doing their thing, keeping it flowing and building their craft not only as solo artists but as creative collaborators.

It’s too early to consign them to a particular wave of music but they’re definitely wavy with their eclectic style and beats. It’s not a creative conspiracy and they’re not a bunch of wannabes, these guys are the real deal, they’re doing the grind, making it work and it could pay off big down the line. House of Pharaohs are rising out of South London and if you don’t know them yet, it might be worth checking out Nyshy Bandanna, AJ young soul, Danny Stern, Kevin Taylor, Sam Wise and Blaze Track.

Already drawing comparisons to a U.K version of the A$AP mob, House of Pharaohs are as lit as London, their first EP ‘Southern Stamp’ fuses them together effortlessly as a collective and the video “1.11” is proof that these guys are going for a takeover. The new visual ‘Mean Muggin’ dropped recently and is shot by Allegorical (another creative collective worth checking) – check it out above.