Watch The Weeknd Strut His Stuff In The ‘StarBoy’ Video

Probably one of the most instantly infectious singles from The Weeknd to date, this is unashamedly moving in the King of Pop’s territory.

Leading with a major campaign rollout, to launch ‘Starboy’ with billboards and big announcements, there’s been nothing subtle about his intended chart domination.

Luminously shot and filmed by Grant Singer, the video reveals Abel Tesfeye in his new image, strutting through the corridors of an apartment with a glowing sabre-like cross and smashing everything inside. It’s all delivered with attitude and moves, long gone is the media shy artist – here’s a self proclaimed motherfuckin’ starboy.

Watch The Weeknd’s neon-lit, slick music video for his Daft Punk featured video for “Starboy,” above.