We Can’t Ignore Joyce Wrice’s Type Of ‘Rocket Science’

When I hear someone tell me there’s a rising voice out of L.A worth checking out, then it’s not something I ignore easily – well given the track record of the L.A scene right now, I get damn intrigued.

With only a few collab’s under her belt, including that little ‘AfroPhunk’ with Jay Prince, and cover songs that have gathered up pace till her own debut EP, Joyce is now making plans to ‘Stay Around’. On her latest track which also comes as her debut release for Akashik Records, Joyce Wrice drops some ‘Rocket Science’ in the new video for her MNDSGN co-produced single featuring Kay Franklin.

Joyce’s sound, (as much as I’m not into this describing any sound in this type of way, but I can’t help it), is like a mash up of all the best eras of R&B. Take a dose of ‘Something In The Way (You Make Me Feel)‘ from 80’s R&B songstress Stephanie Mills, mix in a little Groove Theory, some more of that 90’s love jones and then bring it right back up to today with The Internet type of feeling and that’s what Joyce Wrice gives you – all in one.

Released on Stones Throw and Akashik, co-collaborator and Akashik co-founder Mndsgn co-produces ‘Rocket Science’ together with the B-Side ‘Play Pretend’.