Chance the Rapper and Social Experiment

‘We Some Scientists’ Say The Social Experiment

The Social Experiment have been doing their own summer internship by organising a series of secret field trips around Chicago while dropping some science.

The first visit to Chicago Museum, kicked off in June with a Field trip for a group of 6-11 year olds.

“We some scientists #sox #staff.”

Yesterday’s final trip was organised at the Shedd Aquarium where the Social Experiment crew took the kids on a tour with a team of Marine Biologists. In a conversation with Semtex recently Chance spoke about Obama and his own work with the City of Chicago. “I think Barack Obama has done some great things, and thats subjective cos I work with the city, I’ve worked with the neighbourhoods and one of the people that I consider allies would be the President. He’s done dope things in the city of Chicago and I worked with the City on alot of projects, but do I think everybody’s doing everything that they can? No – and that includes me.’

Local initiatives like these Social Experiments take a positive step with continued active involvement by rappers within their own community.

Nation of Billions has partnered with The British Science Association to bring a series of stories about Hip-Hop dropping science.