Chance the Rapper and Social Experiment

‘We Some Scientists’ Say The Social Experiment

The Social Experiment have been doing their own summer internship by organising a series of secret field trips around Chicago while dropping some science.

The first visit to Chicago Museum, kicked off in June with a Field trip for a group of 6-11 year olds.

“We some scientists #sox #staff.”

Yesterday’s final trip was organised at the Shedd Aquarium where the Social Experiment crew took the kids on a tour with a team of Marine Biologists. In a conversation with Semtex recently Chance spoke about Obama and his own work with the City of Chicago. “I think Barack Obama has done some great things, and thats subjective cos I work with the city, I’ve worked with the neighbourhoods and one of the people that I consider allies would be the President. He’s done dope things in the city of Chicago and I worked with the City on alot of projects, but do I think everybody’s doing everything that they can? No – and that includes me.’

Local initiatives like these Social Experiments take a positive step with continued active involvement by rappers within their own community.

Yesterday was the final secret field trip, and it was amazing. Thank you Shedd Aquarium for taking us behind the scenes. ? you guys are definitely for the people. Thanks Fuller Park for being the Marine Biologists that you were yesterday. Thank you Chicago Museum Campus for letting us all be scientists and experience the museums in the way they don't always let Southside parks see. Thank you Chicago Park District for trusting me and my staff on the trips, allowing us to make these connections with young chicago and the reinvestment in these parks. Lastly but most importantly thank you to my STAFF who always get stuff done. this summer you guys were mentors, counselors, tour guides, teachers, production managers, festival directors, activists and much more. Me and the city would be nothing without you. I'm proud to wear the shirt.

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Nation of Billions has partnered with The British Science Association to bring a series of stories about Hip-Hop dropping science.