‘What A Pleasant Surprise’ Vic Drops ‘I BEEN’

Vic Mensa’s says ‘I been doin’ this shit’ and wants you to remember that.

Since signing to Roc Nation back in April, Mensa has dropped 3 tracks on his Soundcloud page, and it’s been building some hype for the release of his debut album ‘Traffic’ – and ‘I BEEN’ is his latest drop.

Produced by Mike Dean and Smoko Ono, Vic charges down the experimental, electronic infused route, one he’s becoming accustomed to and accomplished at. The song exudes a sense of confidence and brashness, reassuring everyone he’s been productive in the game for a while now and plans to stay that way. The 3 last drops on Soundcloud are rumoured not to be appearing on his forthcoming album, but he’s definitely getting our curiosity rising.