What Do Phony PPL Do To Keep The Lights On?

Whats an artist supposed ‘To do to keep the lights on? (Sex Sells)’? Phony PPL want to know, and they’re drifting into thought bubbles trying to figure out how to get richer?

When Phony PPL deliver a new track, its time to get up and pay attention, this is a group that are perched to break through, carefully crafting music that reminds us of an era from the 90’s where clever funky wordplay was the groove.

But times have changed and artists are living in a new age of music where they’re counting their pennies for music, starting a business is as hard ever and deficits are getting deeper. Some people may be running scams, drug dealing and sex sells too but Phony PPL are on a mission – ‘Make Money or Create Money, in the form of paper or digital so there’s nothing they can take from me, show the power‘.