Where Was You At When Future Was Here?

Unapologetic, direct and driven with complete clarity, Future has cut through all the skeptics with a fine knife and dropped his current album DS2 with precision. Catching the doubters off guard, there’s no questioning what his Future plan is now.

Future had an exceptional start in the game with his debut track ‘Tony Montana’ when people heard that joint for the first time, they heard an artist who was totally different from anyone else who came out at that time and Drake wanted to get on it too. Fast forward into the Future, a 2 year stand-off with Drake and a critically acclaimed album DS2 (Dirty Sprite 2), under his belt. It’s a new era for Future and he’s back on track with Drake dropping the Metro Boomin produced video for ‘Where Ya At’ straight outta Toronto.

The Atlanta king wasn’t crowned from the take off, Future had dropped 3 mixtapes before he had to totally reinvent himself to come through and make the impact he needed with ‘Tony Montana’ and after the track got out, he got a call from Drake about a remix and it all went from there. Back then when he was coming through and getting that phonecall from Drake, Future had no expectations from anyone as he told Semtex in an interview;

“I was working in the studio and how I am, I was like man you don’t even have to get on this track because I’m just working, I wanna stay in my zone, I don’t wanna get on this industry type stuff and I know the politics behind it, because you’re already an established artist and for me I just wanna work, I don’t want nothing to happen, I want my song, I want to people to take this song for me, just wanna stay in my own lane. And he was like ‘nah, nah its nothing like that, I wanna be a part of it man, whatever you need, just I’ma do it’. So he ended up sending the verse back within the same day and he was like ‘man I want you to listen to it, I did the verse it’s dope’ and I heard it, I loved it and I put it out.”

On DS2, Drake is the only featured artist on the album, he’s the lone wolf and he’s staying in his lane.