Who The Hell Is This Kid Joyner Lucas

Straight up this is something purely about them killer bars and it’s got one of the best videos we’ve seen for a while. It’s a true story, so be ready to watch it and get chills, Joyner is bringing something back to Hip-Hop that’s got us pretty hyped. As Joyner says it – “If you don’t know me now, then you will, don’t worry bout it”.

17 year old Skater kid Ross Capicchioni’s story is the basis of the visuals from Joyner Lucas for the track of the same name ‘Ross Capicchioni’, and the 7.46 minute short film spits both sides of the gruesome story about a violent gang initiation. Watch the video so we don’t have to spoil it for you. Joyner’s tales and interpretations of timeless realities through his third eye view have all the makings of a certified future firestarter.

Joyner Lucas just shutdown BET Cypher at the 2015 BET Hip-Hop Awards, and word has it he had to be switched from the internet version to the Sprite version with some better known MC’s and all because Busta and DJ Premier demanded it. The Worcestor, Mass MC suddenly caught our attention after laying down a killer verse where he appeared alongside Charles Hamilton, Tink and newcomer Jackie Spade.

Joyners line says it best –  “See everybody watching like who the hell is this kid” – watch it below and you’ll see what we mean;

Joyner grew up in Worcester Massachusetts feeding on the rhymes of Biggie, Nas, and Method Man and by age 7, Joyner was piecing together his own words and rhyme schemes. Recording from the age of 10 he’s been all about the relentless grind and already recorded under various alias’s as well as wining rap competitions. But after all this time it’s taken for him to break out, he’s had momentary temptations to ‘sell his soul’ to the illuminati – “What the fuck I gotta do to go and buy me a mansion, Fuck is this, I weren’t supposed to be broke for so long“. ‘Mansions’ has all that surefire head nodding, toe curling lyrical wizardry – and the only thing we’re asking ourselves is ‘how the hell didn’t we know about this kid yet!’.

There’s only one thing Joyner Lucas wants to be reknowned for and that’s ‘creating that moment you fell in love with hip hop… again’. There’s a chance he could make his name doing just that – we discovered a whole lotta love for him.

Download the 21 joint, Joyner Lucas mixtape – ‘Along Came Joyner’ right here or stream it now.