Who’s Ready To Get Awful

With the Atlanta scene very much being at the forefront of everything happening in Hip Hop right now, the likes of Future and Young Thug are often credited as being the face of the movement.

A city serving as a melting pot of so many different sounds and influences, yet the music coming out of Atlanta couldn’t be made anywhere else. The epitome of this thesis comes in the form of Awful Records, a collective who embrace everything the city they love gave them.

Much more than a crew, Awful is a family. Refusing to sign to major label, this crew of outcasts rely on nothing but themselves. And it has brought them tremendous success. After Father, the labels leader, saw his single “Look at Wrist” explode online, the limelight has been on everything Awful. No longer the outcasts of the Atlanta scene, they are the tastemakers. Not just rappers, but singers, producers, designers, everyone involved plays a role in the end product. Unfiltered and uncompromising, Awful will only do it one way, and thats their way.

So when the Awful Records showcase was announced, it became one of the most anticipated Hip Hop nights to hit London for a long time. The event is served as part of the Clock Strikes 13 programme which highlights the work of the most prestigious labels working in music, 24 parties run by 28 prestigious labels from worlds of grime, techno, bass, hip- hop, lo-fi, creating a series exploring the best of the underground scene.

So it was only right that Awful Records be included. Taking over Village Underground, Father will be performing, but he’s not coming alone. Joining him will be Awful family, Abra and Keithcharles Spacebar. Always Unpredictable and unhinged, this show is unmissable.


Tickets are on sale now from here,

If you’re feeling AWFUL, then check this – Clock Strikes 13 have given us 4 tickets for the first 4 people who Tweet “@NationBillions I wanna get AWFUL on Saturday night with @cs13london “