Why Does Mullally Want That ‘Troubled Love’

It’s always nice to be able to wax lyrical about some UK talent and the next name to garner a bit of that all-important wax is Norfolk born singer/songwriter Mullally.

At 19 he’s a baby (a baby I tell ya) but vocally I have to admit he adds a few more years on his age with a rather mature sounding style. Bringing that new age rnb/soul/pop sound that is just so now, Mullaly positively revels in showing us Londoners that Norfolk has more to offer than fields and cow dung!

His first release (which evidently helped to put him on the musical landscape) was the bass heavy and rather tidy, ‘Overdose’. The single gained great support from some solid names in the publication industry and put our boy on the musical map – a great debut for sure.

So the pressure starts and the need for a follow up of equal if not better measure is necessary – he dutifully supplies another dose with his follow-up ‘Troubled Love’. Produced by Artery it flirts like a young teenager with steel pan sounds while keeping quintessentially new school and contemporary. His soulful self in turn; engages, entices and ultimately caresses our inner ear to the point where the need to vocally participate in this solid second release is necessary.

It’s early days of course for the young lad from Norfolk and as we know the music world is unpredictable and occasionally unjust but if he keeps up this trajectory well who knows – Mullally could be in for some tidy amounts of Mula!