Why Is A Day Dedicated To George The Poet

This Mobo nominee has much to celebrate, and it’s not just a nomination, it’s a dedication made to his art form and on ‘National Poetry Day’, George The Poet has his own moment to bask in.

“What’s the poetry thing sayin’?” well George is taking his new verse from the ‘Ground Up’ and it resonates. In our times, we’re living through a bottom up kinda striving and a top down kinda suppression and the voices of protest are getting louder. George The Poet has a voice of confidence, one that’s also marked him out as a leader within a new wave of British poets, driving through the re-emergence of a once coveted, often ignored but highly esteemed art form. Call it spoken-word or poetry, George’s is a modern day verse maker who speaks to our post-modern strife.

Council estate raised and Cambridge University educated, George’s oration is a living testament to the daily drive for upward social mobility in Britain today, but something only attainable by a fewer and fewer minority of youths. Where once George was immersed in rap and grime, did he gave it up to pursue a different path? For him it’s a transition that made sense, poetry may not need to be culturally translated as an art form, but his verse is committed to transcended his own self and hustling to open a lane for others to follow?

I wanna make legal money with my crew,
Real talk George,
I wanna live life like you,
I spent my whole life in hunger moves,
So when I give a younger food, I feel like nah man, I wanna see the youth improve
I’m sick of living move to move