Why We Love The Moon And Phony Ppl

Christmas comes on a full moon, and courtesy of Brooklyn collective Phony Ppl we’ve got a reason to love it…

January 2015 Brooklyn collective Phony Ppl released underrated album ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ – their third album which has evolved massively over the past two years since their debut album ‘Phonyland’.

After releasing ‘Phonyland’ and ‘NothinG Special’ in 2012, the Phony’s teased fans with releases such as ‘Baby, Meet My Lover’ and ‘Take A Chance’, before the release of ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ last January. We had a beautiful relationship via SoundCloud, sitting on a track every couple of months during the lead up to the album drop to really appreciate each track – and it worked a treat!

Phony Ppl have done this with their music videos, also. With the release of ‘End Of The niGht’, followed by ‘Baby, Meet My Lover’ three months after, which was also followed by the video release of the beautiful ‘helGa’ a month after.

It’s almost the end of December and we’ve been blessed with the visuals to ‘Why iii Love The Moon’. I love this song, and the visuals have made it much more special. It’s winter time. It gets dark way, way too early for my liking and we’re constantly faced with the moon, so if you just can’t learn to love it, Phony Ppl are here to teach you how…

It features Elbee Thrie sitting against his New York City apartment, singing the intro, equipped with his headphones adjusted comfortably over his dreadlocks. We then get kind of psychedelic as soon as the beat drops – there’s crazy images and patterns of stars and galaxies projected onto the wall of an apartment with Bari Bass gettin’ jiggy with it whilst he jams on his bass guitar.

We then get the collective riding around Brooklyn on push bikes – which looks like they’re having the best day ever! Sheriff PJ then jumps in to tell us why he lets the moon shine whilst standing in front of his New York apartment. The creative process is, out of this world, and we know that 2016 is going to be a beautiful year for music when Phony Ppl are involved.

We know they take their time with the releases, but we also know that they deliver more than exceptionally, because this isn’t just music, and this isn’t just a music video, it’s a story, it’s a feeling and it’s most definitely something that needs to be taken in, absorbed and embraced.

Let your moon be your guide tonight and you’re sure to find your way but ‘just be careful where you look for love’!