Why We’re Feeling ‘Motion Sickness’ From Topaz Jones

Topaz Jones first slipped under my radar with his bouncy, summer infused track ‘Tropicana’ – it was juicy. Now the New Jersey artist is back with some surreal visuals for ‘Motion Sickness’ and a 10 track EP called ‘Arcade’.

Blending jazz, funk and hip-hop Topaz is etching out his own musical lane, with his funky beats and undeniably witty, tongue in cheeky lyrics. Produced by New York collective Late Night Episode, ‘Arcade’ oozes funk and groove from start to finish, and includes a guest feature from rapper Pell.

The visuals for ‘Motion Sickness’ though is really what brings ‘Arcade’ to life. The colorfully shot visuals, complete with balloons and a very inventive use of Topaz’ locs, has a dramatic sudden interlude, which then turns into a track from the EP ‘Grass (Survivors Guilt)’. In the two years since Topaz 2014 offering ‘The Honeymoon Suit’ the vocalist has really honed in on his craft, making it that extra perfect for us.

Hit play on the video for ‘Motion Sickness’ above and check out ‘Arcade’ in full below.