Why We’re Stuck On MeLo-X’s ‘Curate’ EP

The progressive New Yorker MeLo-X has completed and curated an esoteric collection of 6 tracks on his new EP aptly titled ‘Curate’ and it’s as carefully constructed as it is sophisticated.

Since putting out a freefall with Little Simz on the track ‘FFS’, earlier in the autumn, MeLo-X has added collaborations with Raury and Kilo Kish on his new project, featuring six new tracks the release also comes with a custom interactive mobile app.

Kicking off with ‘The Cure’, MeLo-X creates a diverse yet obscure soundscape which pushes expectations of what it takes to make genre-bending music today. Both musically refined and simultaneously charting new territory with experimental structures and breaks – the beauty is in the fact that it just works. A journey through dimensions in sound, ‘Curate’ brings the lyrical wizardry of Raury into the enlightening glow of ‘Awake in Atlanta’. Just when you think you can predict where the rhythm is heading, Melo-X veers us beyond post-modern house, on the ‘Beginning’ and steers us towards a beat orientated sparse soundscape that’s melodically chilled and decisively urgent on ‘Tell Her We On’.

MeLo-X has taken the time and space to expand his mind on ‘Curate’ and its only natural to grant ourselves the right to stand back and take it in from the beginning. Some music isn’t made for a quick fix, some music is made to take a long toke on.