Wiki From Rat King Finds The U.K Mad Inspirational

I headed backstage at Reading Festival between a killer line-up on the third day of the U.K’s biggest ‘rock’ festival to catch up with Wiki from Ratking after his set.

How was that for you today?

It was good man, the crowd was good, we won em over by the end I think maybe.

You’re doing your thing, making your music, putting it out there, how’s it feel coming though New York and seeing what’s happening with the scene over here and the artists that are over here popping?

It’s mad like inspirational, it always has been, but it’s tight to be here and see it and be in the midst of it and talk to the artists and shit. And they have mutual respect for us and what we’re doing on our side, it’s good man, it’s all positive.

Skepta credits you as like the first U.S artist that kind of embraced him, how did you guys hook up?

I just met him like literally we were on this radio show and he just came through and then we just rapped together, Sport was just playing beats and we were just rapping and then like after that it was just mad natural.

How did you find the style of what he was doing?

Dude, it was just like hard, it was just like bars and thats some shit like I’m the type of rapper that I pay attention to if someones barring out especially in the cyph cos its not like I just heard a song, i was in there with him rapping so it was like really natural bars, consistent.

…and then you jumped on a remix of one of his joints?

Yeah we did ‘Thats Not Me’ U.S remix it was cool man, that shit was tight, that video came out later and I was hyped for that.

Anyone else you feeling from the U.K?

Yeah man my man Jessie James killing it right now, Fekky is just murking it as we speak, my man Suspect I fuck with him, the whole BBK all that.

What’s next for Ratking?

We’re taking a little break after this, this is our last show for the U.K but Sporting Life’s about to put out a solo project with all instrumentals and shit and that’s coming out this month. There’s a release party on September 4th in London actually, so that should be tight. And then we’re just gonna be touring a little bit more, I’m working on a solo project too, so we’re all just working on new shit.