‘Wiley’ Biopic To Hit The Big Screen

The past 12 months have been nothing short of a non-stop whirlwind for Wiley. Awarded an MBE, Wiley also published his autobiography Eskiboy, released another album ‘GodFather II’, and is now taking his story to the big screen with “Wiley”.

“This is my life, my highs and lows, but it’s not really all about me,” Wiley said. “When I make music, help the scene or even do something like this, it’s like I’m not alone any more. It’s for people who grew up like me. I’m doing it to help people who are lost like me.”

The film biopic of the grime pioneer, will be produced by Pulse Films and BMG, directed by Adam Smith (“Trespass Against Us”) and written by Sabrina Mahfouz. With an executive production team that includes Wiley’s manager John Wolfe, his sister Janaya Cowie and SBTV founder Jamal Edwards, Pulse Films and BMG publishing, a release date for the film is yet to be announced.

Film and TV director Adam Smith who previously directed the video for Wiley’s single ‘Wot Do U Call It?’, years later is now at the helm of the film about his life, “Meeting Wiley and seeing what he and his friends were creating was a huge inspiration to me,” Smith said. “Making a film about this incredible talent and his story 15 years later is very exciting.”