Wiley Delivers Upper Echelon Bars on ‘Holy Grime’

A few months ago, I had the chance to speak with Wiley about his career and his forthcoming album, he said “Bruv, I made sure that The Godfather is a Grime album. I made Grime album for people that love Grime.”.

When the first single was released, the sound was different to what most were expecting, but it still made waves. As we countdown to Wiley’s forthcoming ‘Godfather’ album, things are getting pretty fierce, if ‘Can’t Go Wrong’ was a wave, ‘Holy Grime’ is a tsunami!

If you’re a fan of Wiley, you’ll be familiar with his ‘Tunnel Vision’ mixtape series. The voracity of the first couple of tapes saw Wiley fight crews on his ones with a barrage of lyrics and a flow like a freight train. ‘Holy Grime’ sees Wiley stepping into his shoes again, wasting no time and jumping head first into making sure that MCs know that he’s about to do a madness.

“Listen, I don’t rest MC, you man sleep, that’s why you’re not the best MC  / You man are part-time, never had beef, but you’re on the mic like a bulletproof vest MC” – Wiley

Wiley embarks on this track with the aim of showing everyone that he hasn’t missed a step. Using his signature flow to skip all over Mr. Virgo’s production, this is a stark contrast to his first single, which was focused more on the chorus which would do well at shows. ‘Holy Grime’ foregoes the chorus and Wiley strings together long verses which lead into a stellar verse from Devlin.

Back in the day, when Wiley was clashing the world, the Dagenham MC caught a stray bar and returned with ‘Extra Extra’ which saw Devlin step up to the mic and spray bars showing that he was ready for the war. Since then, Wiley admits that Devlin held his own in the clash and now he’s one of his favourite MCs.

“This shit feels like beef to me / when I’m spitting, my arms start swinging and bringing / more more shit than the Beckton Works / Smell it and know why Kano writ it” – Devlin

A collaboration was talked about and now you can hear these lyrical juggernauts bar on a track without a chorus showcasing what Grime was birthed from. You can imagine a crowded room, a DJ and one microphone going back and forth between Wiley and Devlin.

Social media has been bursting with support since the premiere of ‘Holy Grime’ on DJ Target’s 1Xtra show and there’s no doubt that the Grime Godfather has built more anticipation for his upcoming album.

You can stream this on Spotify and Apple Music – Preorder the Godfather album on iTunes.